Client Testimonials

Students using the services of the 2hrDays performance & accountability coaching services often share their experiences. Here you can watch our video testimonials and skim through the text reviews.

"Having someone to help you be accountable for the things you want to accomplish is amazing.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated, so having that extra push from someone is great!"

Rating: 10/10

Erika Olaverria

Aaron Riley

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I appreciate Cody’s positivity and thoughtful approach to coaching me and helping me manifest my goals.

Pedro G. Munoz

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t's good to have a colleague to keep you accountable for your business and remind you of your goals every week. I appreciate the professionalism of this organization.

Erika Olaverria

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Having someone to help you be accountable for the things you want to accomplish is amazing . sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated,so having that extra push from someone is great !

Manish Chhokar

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The program keeps you honest with your goals per week. It not only helps you to measure your continual progress but also to self reflect on your passion and ability to execute upon it. You can easily understand why some things are working and some things are not. It helps you dig more into YOU and help make concrete decisions.

Lori Sams

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I love having the accountability each week. It helps me stay on track and get things done knowing I have to answer to my coach soon.

Adanu Jirane

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I like the program because it makes you work hard as you have to present what you have accomplished to your trainer on next meeting. I especially like the prioritization!

Leandro Silvas

I appreciate the weekly goals set and the way it’s structured

Brandon Guches

I have really enjoyed working with Sarah. I look forward to our calls each week to be able to re-center and achieve my goals. I have yet to achieve my goals and I am confident that Sarah will be there along the way to keep pushing me until that happens.

Danielle Ollis

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When starting a business or starting anything new, I believe it’s important to have someone who can help hold you accountable, and to help set deadlines so that you can reach your goals. That’s what they do here, and I appreciate it so much!

Ricky Nystrom

Weekly accountability and goals clearly laid out via email after calls.

Merry Kaczmarek

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I liked connecting with someone who is like me, easy to talk with and gently yet firmly identifies outcomes based upon my statements and feeds them back to me in a way that I can hear them. I also believed that this coach genuinely wanted my best interests reached. And encouraged me and applauded and reveled with me in my wins!!!!!

Shayla Reed

I did not always meet my goals and my coach made it easy for me to be honest and to revise my goals to make them more realistic with the schedule. This really helped me stay on track and not give up.

Roberto Sanchez

Accountability! This is great to keep one on track focused, purposed, and real! The encouragement is a huge plus! Sarah Henderson is great, knowledgeable, empowering, and a pleasure to speak with! I love her feedback and support!

Brett Walton

Chelsea has been great to talk to and work with. Nice to have someone to hold me to some of my weekly commitments and tasks/goals.

Dre Knight

The program keeps me motivated to complete my tasks I have for the week. It also keeps me honest with the projects I make for myself.

Jason D Murphy

It helps keep me honest and focused regarding the goals I want to achieve for myself.

Tomas Pirela

I liked that the coach did a great job giving good advice that was tailored to me. I also liked that he was a straight shooter and let me know the truth and didn’t just blow smoke.

Jeffrey Sullivan

I like the thought provoking questions about what I want for my own future and how will I get there. There's more to all of this than just finishing an action item list, and realizing this through my coach calls has definitely helped.

Esther Isho

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It is very motivating, energetic, and keep me focused on my progress.

Erik Schwab

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I like the constant contact with someone who is genuinely concerned about my business and helping me succeed.

Robin Gaye Brown

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I absolutely love my mentor...he's been a godsend! Joe has been incredible! He has an encouraging yet firm demeanor; He's kept me on track, and determined to see my goals to completion!

Ryan O'Meallie

Immediate results, identifying problems and providing pragmatic solutions, with support to implement them.

Terry Waltermire

"With the coaches here, they are very positive, help set goal both long and short term and help set a plan of action. They can help keep you focused on what is important both in this business and at a personal level. So, that you can achieve greater you and success in all parts of your life. Let's face it, a positive you makes a positive things happen in all aspects of life including your business. Thank you 2HR-DAYS and Evan

Crystal D McCartney

"Chelsea Jones is calming. She calms me which alleviates the stress and tension I have to get things done. She is full of energy and is a light at the other end of the call. I don't feel like I'm going to get chewed out for not meeting the daily, weekly, and monthly goals She helps me set. And the goals she does help me set are obtainable. Chelsea explains that as long as you do specific small things every day, you will reach your goals. Chelsea is encouraging and keeps the line of communication open during the week by checking in to see if progress is being made. That helps knowing that when I have progress to report, I can virtually see that I indeed HAVE made progress and completed necessary things. Chelsea is positive, supporting, and uplifting. You can really tell she enjoys life and what she does helping others. I am glad that she is my performance coach! I couldn't imagine having anyone else! Especially after not knowing what to expect upon signing up."

Elizabeth R Anderson-Doze

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Helps keep you on track.

Greg Anderson

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The program is quite effective. Keeps you definitely accountable.

Andres Aguero

Week to week coaching on how we can improve our business and make more $$!

John Cliatt III

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This program allows you to have a space where you can talk to someone about your plans/goals. From there a conversation about how will you execute; breakdown of steps. This service provides extra motivation for me and my journey. I appreciate the weekly meetings; i actually look forward to it. I do not mind the advice/criticism; there to make me better

Crystal Smith

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My Accountability Coach Is the Best!

Colby Dins

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My 2HRDays coach has help me stay accountable for obtaining the goals I set for myself. This has turned out to be much more valuable than I ever imagined.

Joseph Welch

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Keeps you on track and makes you wanna keep pushing forward to complete your goals. The coach is also very friendly and helps with your mindset. I think it’s very important to get this program if your starting out as a new entrepreneur or even a seasoned one.

Kit Tang

Joe is a phenomenal coach and really breaks down the weekly goals to make them achievable. He has helped me stay on track and work towards reaching my goals.

Aaron Saxton

It's relieving to be able to talk with someone that's unbiased about my thoughts and emotions as far as business goals, personal well being and current state of mind go. It's good support and I would recommend it to any entrepreneurs starting out or experienced.

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