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Finally... a 1-on-1 Performance Coaching Solution for Your Students to:

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Give your students an opportunity to work with a 1-on-1 performance coach. The coach will keep your students accountable to doing the work your course assigns.

Each student who gets access to 2hrDays will talk to their coach once per week. Our methods are evidence backed and will help your students to overcome confusion, doubt and procrastination.

A win-win for you and your students:

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How it works

2hrDays service revolves around the weekly 1-on-1 performance & accountability coaching sessions.


We integrate 2hrDays with your offer.


Each of your students is assigned to work with one of our performance coaches.


Once a week, the coach and the student will have a call. Between the calls, the student and the coach will communicate using SMS and email. Our service is designed to keep your students accountable, motivated, and productive.

Why it works

Our coaches are experts in behavioural science, peak performance, and habit formation.

Our methods are based on 3 science-backed pillars:


A dedicated professional coach will establish a friendly yet authoritative relationship with your student. With accountability check-ins the students are twice as likely to complete their tasks, and will on average achieve 40% more than those without such check-ins¹.

1. Gardner, Sarah and Albee, Dave, "Study focuses on strategies for achieving goals, resolutions" (2015). Press Releases. 266.
Goal setting & ruthless focus.

Integral to our service is getting your students to set realistic yet ambitious goals, and challenging your students to eliminate anything that does not contribute towards achieving these goals. The strategies our coaches use have been shown to increase performance by more than 200%¹, and to significantly boost satisfaction/excitement about one's work².

1. Locke EA, Latham GP. A theory of goal setting & task performance. Prentice-Hall, Inc; 1990.

2. Latham GP, Locke EA. Self-regulation through goal setting. Organizational behavior and human decision processes. 1991 Dec 1;50(2):212-47.
Deadlines & Measurement.

Our coaches help the students to set strict deadlines and use highly effective progress measurement techniques. Our methods activate powerful neural circuitry associated with tremendous improvements in student performance and work quality, especially in the educational setting¹.

1. Ariely D, Wertenbroch K. Procrastination, deadlines, and performance: Self-control by precommitment. Psychological science. 2002 May;13(3):219-24.
Student testimonials

On average our clients are 9/10 likely to recommend 2hrDays to their friends.

Crystal D McCartney,

Chelsea calms me which alleviates the stress and tension I have to get things done. She is full of energy and is a light at the other end of the call. The goals she does help me set are obtainable. Chelsea explains that as long as you do specific small things every day, you will reach your goals. Chelsea is encouraging and keeps the line of communication open during the week by checking in to see if progress is being made. That helps knowing that when I have progress to report, I can virtually see that I indeed HAVE made progress and completed necessary things. Chelsea is positive, supporting, and uplifting. You can really tell she enjoys life and what she does helping others. I am glad that she is my performance coach! I couldn't imagine having anyone else! Especially after not knowing what to expect upon signing up.

Terry Waltermire,

With the coaches here, they are very positive, help set goal both long and short term and help set a plan of action. They can help keep you focused on what is important both in this business and at a personal level. So, that you can achieve greater you and success in all parts of your life. Let's face it, a positive you makes a positive things happen in all aspects of life including your business. Thank you 2HR-DAYS and Evan.

Aaron Saxton,

It's relieving to be able to talk with someone that's unbiased about my thoughts and emotions as far as business goals, personal well being and current state of mind go. It's good support and I would recommend it to any entrepreneurs starting out or experienced.

What kind of results can you expect?*

*Based on the data we gathered working with other online courses.


Drop in refund/chargeback probability.


Increase in student engagement with your content and community.


Testimonials about your offer.

Getting Started

Due to a limited number of coaches we have available (we hire only the top 2% of the applicants) we can accommodate only the best of the best online courses/programmes.

We are looking for courses where:

You genuinely care about your student success.

Your course is high quality & online reputation is spotless.

Your course offers students a transformative experience through real skill acquisition. No “get rich quick schemes”.

Let's elevate your student success rate:

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